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1.6.02 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 06, 2024
237 MB
Required Android:
5.0 and up
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A brand-new journey awaits you in the dynamic world of mobile gaming: Tieu Ye Tam Dao for Android. Players are invited to set out on a voyage of cultivation in this engrossing role-playing game, where the quest for immortality takes an incredibly enjoyable turn. This game, created by NPH Funtap, combines strategic combat, idle gameplay, and collection components in a novel way that will appeal to both casual and devoted players. It comes in a whimsical package.


In the game, players are taken to a realm full of immortals and devils, where splitting firewood and felling trees is the way to enlightenment. Assuming the persona of a small demon, you are assigned the most honorable mission: gaining immortality and becoming a Buddha. Beneath the surface of this seemingly uninteresting idea is a rich tapestry of lore, where each log split and each axe swing promises power and treasures unknown.

Gameplay and Features of Tiểu Yêu Tầm Đạo APK

Idle Cultivation and Chest Opening

The gameplay is basic but incredibly captivating. As you regularly strike trees and firewood with your axe, you'll gain various items for your character. Each piece of equipment is a step towards realizing your full potential; there is a large array of gear to choose from, grouped into 12 different sorts with varied quality levels.

Farming, Upgrading, and Selling

As the game progresses, you'll gather Soul Stones and Experience Points (EXP), two vital resources for advancing your cultivation path. Selling unwanted equipment will earn you Experience Points (EXP), which will let you level up and enhance your character's abilities. Conversely, soul stones are utilized to enhance your reliable magic axe, raising the likelihood that you'll find desirable, top-notch equipment with each strike.

Combat and Difficulties

Although cutting firewood and trees might appear like a relaxing activity, Tiểu Yêu Tầm Đạo APK Latest Version provides plenty of chances for fierce fights. Join forces with other cultivators to take on powerful Bosses in Player versus. Environment (PvE) encounters, or challenges other players in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat. These fights will put your strategic skills to the test, but they will also reward you handsomely with priceless Jade and turns for cutting firewood and trees.

Beyond just fighting and training

Tieu Ye Tam Dao introduces a diverse universe of collections and friends, including fairies and spirit beasts. Make friends with fanciful fairies to help you on your journey to eternal life, and apprehend wicked spirit monsters to help you get over barriers. Along with giving special powers and bonuses, these buddies not only deepen the gameplay but also improve your cultivation experience.

Charming aesthetics and a vertical screen presentation

This Game offers a fluid gaming experience and is optimized for mobile devices. The game's endearing 2D graphics and cute character designs effectively convey the whimsical spirit of the setting, and its striking visual effects engross you in the colorful world of agriculture.

Some Playing Tips

Try Different Equipment Combinations: Change your playstyle by experimenting with different gear combinations to reveal special bonuses and potent synergies.

Take Part in Local Events: Become a member of guilds and interact with other farmers to get extra rewards, and trade tactics, and create enduring connections.

Accept the Grind: Learning the art of cultivation takes time and perseverance, even though the gameplay may appear easy at first. Accept the hard work and relish the trip as you reach new benchmarks and successes.

Examine the Legend: Explore Tieu Ye Tam Dao's rich lore in greater detail, learning the mysteries that lurk under the surface and losing yourself in the alluring realm of immortals and demons.


The gaming experience provided by Tiểu Yêu Tầm Đạo for Android is pleasantly distinct and intriguing. This game appeals to a wide spectrum of tastes, satisfying the needs of both casual and die-hard players with its blend of idle mechanics, strategic combat, and collector aspects. Take a humorous trip through horticulture, where the quest for immortality takes an amusing diversion. Enter a realm filled with fairies, devils, and spirit animals, and allow the rhythmic strike of your axe to lead you to wisdom and hidden riches. Tieu Ye Tam Dao promises an experience unlike any other, regardless of your experience level as a cultivator or your familiarity with idle role-playing games.

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