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1.3 for Android
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Mar 01, 2024
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5.1 and up
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Astronize uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to elevate the well-known Chinese role-playing game "The Legendary Three Kingdoms" (Samkok) on mobile devices. Gamers can gain awards while playing TSX by Astronize APK. Against the backdrop of the grand Three Kingdoms tale, it introduces PvE raid bosses, NFT marketplaces, TSX coin mining, and more.

TSX Coin and Mining System

The main player in this play-to-earn evolution is the in-game cryptocurrency known as the TSX coin. Based on their character's level, players can mine for TSX coins. The more coins are earned the higher the mining level. These can be traded on the blockchain market for valuable NFTs and goods.  

Soul System and Legendary Equipment

A strong soul system is introduced in TSX Online Game, allowing legendary heroes like Warlord Badouyao to have access to special skill combinations. By collecting soul shards through tasks like TSX currency upgrades, players can further enhance the abilities of their characters. Furthermore, mythical equipment increases strengths through set bonuses and attribute boosts.

The TSX Exchange

A specialized blockchain marketplace that is independent of the character inventory facilitates trading. With TSX currency, players may easily purchase, sell, or trade NFTs, tools, resources, and more. A profitable prospect for astute players.

Raid Bosses

TSX by Astronize APK features difficult PvE raid boss fights where players can band together to take precious loot. They can call forth various bosses with powerful mechanics and rare resources by accumulating points.

Exciting New Storyline

The game promises a new plot in addition to the crypto innovation, following young heroes as they explore an epic TS universe with the stories of the three kingdoms. immersive folklore aimed towards the future.

Some Playing Tips

TSX online delivers an action-packed, thrilling gameplay experience with blockchain components.

  • Increase your mining level to effectively harvest TSX coins and trade them in for gear and NFTs. 
  • Unlock souls and legendary gear to build formidable skill sets for combat.
  • Put together gear sets to unlock secret benefits and extra qualities.
  • To earn rare resources during challenging raid boss fights, form a team with your buddies.
  • Trade NFTs and equipment on the TSX marketplace to make money.

You may succeed in this blockchain version of the renowned RPG by using mining, creating the greatest builds, engaging in the player economy, and working with friends.


TSX by Astronize APK expands the venerable Three Kingdoms brand into new realms with advances in crypto roleplaying that are linked to a young narrative, including the TSX coin, NFT marketplace, and thrilling raid bosses. The seamless fusion of modern blockchain technology with traditional role-playing game mechanics offers players an exciting and fulfilling experience. This is the start of more daring crypto-integrated worlds as the TS narrative unfolds.

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