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Yggdra Chronicle by Bonfire APK 1.0.1 Download

1.0.1 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 22, 2024
1.9 GB
Required Android:
7.0 and up
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Embark on an enchanting odyssey with YggdraChronicle, a stand-out anime turn-based RPG that immerses you in a mythical world brimming with Valkyries. The game presents a beautifully crafted fantasy landscape bursting with Japanese-style visuals and spellbinding cutscenes. As you partake in this quest, the search for a mystic key beckons, holding the secrets to world transformation—an objective central to the narrative.

Your Valkyrie Companions

In this adventure, you're welcomed by a vast array of charming Valkyrie companions, featuring over 79 unique characters, each blessed with distinctive voices from acclaimed Japanese voice actors. Cultivate these warriors by delving into their personal tales, enhancing their abilities, and outfitting them with superior gear, so they're battle-ready to join you on your ventures.

Unique Strategic Combat System

Strategic combat sits at the heart of the experience, with a distinctive system that integrates card play, tactical positioning, elemental dynamics, weather conditions, and energy conservation into your strategy. Your discerning choices clinch victory in battles, boosted by the dynamic "Ether Blast" finishers capable of swaying the course of conflict to your advantage. These moments come alive through stunning animations and cinematic interludes.

With a variety of in-game elements, the title promises endless entertainment:

  • Join forces for cooperative gaming and rewards in club missions.
  • Play exciting PVP battles to match your valkyries against other gamers.
  • To keep the adventure interesting, conquer a myriad of daily tasks, dungeons, and towering obstacles.
  • Even with limited time, enjoy entertaining gameplay by making use of idle farming and quick clearing modes.
  • Use your imagination to create and decorate Valkyrie living areas with a complex housing structure.

The epic narrative of Ragnarok, deeply ingrained in the Yggdra world's rich lore, has evolved from a real-life battle to a legendary tale. The conflict that had no winners ended with the fall of Yggdrasil, the global tree. The Lucian empire rises in the ensuing conflict for 'ether,' a force that emanates from Yggdrasil. This revelation sets up a new struggle that is disguising itself as justice. Together with your group of valkyries, you could be the one to bring this turbulent story to a fresh conclusion.

Valkyries: your adventure companions

Meet a range of cute Valkyrie figures who are prepared to fight with you. Select from more than 79 characters, many of which have well-known Japanese voice actors.

Unlock their stories and develop the valkyries

In the realm of Yggdra, become engrossed in their tales, lead their lives, and form bonds with your beloved valkyries. Raise their status and abilities, improve their gear, and get them ready to travel with you on adventures.

A distinctive fight system

Using a turn-based strategy combat system, organize your troops and plan your attack to lead your valkyries to victory. With this system, you may play cards while incorporating special features like energy management, skill selection, positioning, and weather. The result of the conflict will be directly impacted by your selections and choices. Also, use the unique "ether blast" finishing maneuvers to your advantage to change the course of the fight. Take in breathtaking sequences and animations.

A deeply visual story in the Yggdra world

A historical story known as "Ragnarok" has been handed down through the ages. It relates the tale of a battle between the titans and Valkyries that resulted in a draw and brought down Yggdrasil, the world tree. This story has developed into a myth that might not have been entirely true over time. With the discovery of "ether," a unique energy from Yggdrasil, a new era has begun, and the Lucian empire has taken the lead in ruling the globe. But when people discover this unique force, it starts a war to take control of ether, ushering in a new period of conflict among the populace under the pretext of "justice"... However, how this war turns out could be different for you and your valkyries.

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