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ZFA Football
20.1.03 for Android
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Feb 14, 2024
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5.0 and up
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ZFA Football APK is a realistic and engrossing mobile football simulation game. It takes the excitement of the gorgeous game to your smartphone by letting users create their fantasy teams and play against gamers worldwide.

Join the fan club for ZFA Football! Put your ideal ultimate team of great soccer players to the test as you develop and assemble them. Acquire Player Items from elite athletes such as Virgil van Dijk, Erling Haaland, Vini Jr., and Son Heung-min. Play as Manchester City from the Premier League, Real Madrid from LALIGA EA SPORTS, and many more. As you level up your fantasy squad of football and soccer stars from the 23–24 season, score goals alongside some of your favorite players. Take on the top players in PvP modes such as Manager Mode, VS Attack, and Head-to-Head.

There will be top-tier competition, thrilling real-time 11v11 action, realistic sports game thrills, and genuine soccer game action. Join the new wave of soccer games on mobile devices.


Player development and strategic team building are the main gameplay focuses of ZFA Football APK. You get fresh player cards after every game to improve your current roster and put together the best team possible. The game includes both skill tests to try out alternative strategies and online multiplayer modes including Head-to-Head and VS Attack.

Main Features of ZFA Football APK

  • Realistic on-field action in 11v11 matches with authentic gameplay made possible by the Frostbite game engine
  • More than 15,000 authentic, licensed players with precise characteristics 
  • 650+ elite teams from more than 30 leagues are accessible.
  • legendary figures like Gerrard and Ronaldinho
  • complete player personalization for uniforms and gear 
  • Group stages through finals are included in tournament modes for important events like the UEFA Champions League.
  • Dynamic broadcast presentation for experiences akin to television

When combined, these offer a realistic, immersive football experience on mobile devices. Matches remain tight and competitions are fiercely matched thanks to superior graphics and gameplay.

Some Playing Tips for Players

Completely Real Teams

In ZFA Football Android APK, knowing and making use of your team's strengths is frequently the key to success. Examine every team in detail to make sure you're taking use of their distinct advantages, from the attacking prowess of Premier League teams to the defensive fortifications of Serie A.

Customization of the Kit Style and Number

Personalize the style and quantity of your kit to make a statement on the field. You may give your squad a psychological advantage in close games by customizing their look to exude pride and individuality.

Rely on the Players You Like

Even though it can be alluring to chase the newest superstar card, keep in mind how important your favorite players are. You know these athletes the best, therefore it may be better to play to their strengths rather than always changing your starting lineup.

Display Your Club Crest

Make an impression as you advance through the ranks by wearing your club insignia with pride. This logo represents your path, your achievements, and your goals.

Head-to-Head Difficulties

The true test of ability in ZFA Football APK is found in head-to-head matches, however solo challenges and AI opponents have their place as well. Play these games frequently to hone your methods and adjust to other players' erratic approaches.

Acquiring Proficiency in Changing Game Speed

Every match's tempo is its heartbeat. You may set the pace by using the dynamic game speed, whether you want to counterattack quickly or slow down to save energy.

Take Part in Real 11v11 Games

It's the team dynamics that make football so beautiful. Playing 11v11 matches on ZFA Football makes sure you receive the whole football experience by testing your placement, strategic thinking, and quick decision-making. Make sure you play these large-scale games often to improve all aspects of your gaming.

Developing a successful team requires striking the correct mix between role players, superstars, and tactical acumen.

What’s in Store for the Future  

ZFA Football APK Latest Version, which is currently in beta testing, has a lot of potential for football game enthusiasts because of official licensing agreements and Frostbite's continuous development support. The groundwork has been completed for engaging, social, and networked experiences, such as:

  • International esports events including combined oddsmaking and betting 
  • A front office management and coaching simulation similar to fantasy football 
  • NFT support in-game enabling real ownership of digital assets
  • Wide-ranging roleplaying tale modes that allow you to follow actual football players' careers 
  • Extended reality gaming through developing VR and AR technologies 

With the advancement of mobile hardware and the introduction of the 5G connection, this series appears to have a bright future.


ZFA Football APK offers a unique competitive game experience for football fans who wish to create their ultimate fantasy squad and compete against other fans globally. Even in this early beta level, player customization, realistic tactical gameplay modes, and a faithful depiction of the sport's dynamics make it a must-try. With further content and networking advancements in the works, it may easily establish itself as the gold standard for mobile football games going forward.

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